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The old paths are threads of memory. They talk about the work of living - or of surviving - of entire generations, of wars and sadness, but also of lovers and joys. In Berguedà old paths are recovered to give voice to this valuable heritage and so that they can be walked - and heard - on foot in a quiet and calm way.


On July 4 and 6 you will discover some of these paths, accompanied by guides that will enrich your experience.


Each walk ends with a tasting or a visit to a tourist facility.


The price of the excursions is € 12 for adults (from 16 years old) and € 6 for children (up to the age of 15) and includes guidance and the tasting or complementary activity.


This initiative is part of the Pyrenees Hiking Festivals promoted by IDAPA, an entity of which Berguedà is not a member but has been invited to participate.

Saturday, July 4

De la Nou al Sobrepuny

Round trip from Nou to Sobrepuny with cheese tasting at the end of the route at Formatges Cuirols.


Time: 8.00

Place: La Nou de Berguedà

Distance: 9,5 Km

Elevation gain: 894 m.

Duration 5 hores

Dificulty: High

Minimum age: 12 anys

Tasting: Formatges Cuirols

Guides: Pedratour SL

Observations: Inclusive activity



Ruta per Saldes i tast de cerveses del Pedraforca

Saldes has two major attractions: the Pedraforca and the Gresolet. This route will allow you to see different perspectives of the two. Also on arrival we will taste the Pedraforca beers while we visit the facilities where it is made.


Meeting time: 9.00

Meeting place: Plaça del Pedraforca, Saldes

Distance: 12 Km

Elevation gain: 550 m.

Length of the activity: 5 hores

Difficulty: High

Minimum age: 12 years old

Degustation: Cervesera del Pedraforca

Guides: Pèndol guies

Remarks: You must bring half-boot mountain boots (required).


REGISTER AT: info@pendolguies.com


La circular de Graugés

Circular route from Graugés which will take us to discover the agricultural colony of Graugés. 


Meeting time: 9.00

Meeting place: Graugés 

Distance: 10,5 Km

Elevation gainl: 177 m.

Duration: 4 h

Difficulty: Medium

Minimum age: 8 years old

Degustation: L’escairador

Guides:  Pedratour SL

Remarks: Inclusive activity



Petjades de dinosaures

We will travel along the Arctic Aerial Road to contemplate spectacular views of the paleontological sites of the area, the Serra de Ensija, the Cadí and CatllaRÀs and the Boixader de Vallcebre forest. On arrival we will visit the museum and the sites.


Time: 9.30

Place: Centre d’interpretació dels dinosaures de Fumanya Parking

Distance: 6,3 Km

Elevation gain: 340 m.

Length: 3,5 hores

Dificulty: High

Minimum age: 14 years old

Visit: Centre d’interpretació dels dinosaures de Fumanya

Guides: Pèndol guies



REGISTER AT: info@pendolguies.com



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Carretera C16 Km 96

 08600-Berga. Phone (+34) 654 125 696

Monday/Friday 9 to 14h.

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 10 to 16h.

E-mail: turisme@elbergueda.cat


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